Author: John Smith

TurtleCoin Devs Throwing a Saturday Night Turtlecoin Rain Party! Already 600,000 TurtleCoins Given Away for Free!

Wow! What an exciting two days for TurtleCoin! I was going to go to bed after staying up all day waiting on TurtleRain, but the community has NOT stopped giving! Apparently, they’ve decided to throw a virtual pizza party in commemoration of the official discord group now having 5,000 members! They’re just making the TurtleRainBot spew out turtlecoins like everyone’s won the lottery! Rumor has it they’re not stopping until 10 MILLION TurtleCoins are given out! It’s crazy in the discord group right now – everyone singing praises and celebrating altogether. The devs are only asking that everyone post...

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TurtleCoin Community Gives Away About 300,000 TurtleCoins!

TurtleCoin’s main devs finally released their altcoin announcement thread on For those of you who don’t know, is one of the main hubs for cryptocurrency information. Although avid cryptotraders might argue that biz and Twitter are the real, solid avenues for crypto. Nevertheless, was where bitcoin’s community originated and was the preferred communication that Satoshi Nakamoto himself used. So it’s somewhat of a tradition for all new coins to announce themselves – you know, like some kind of unwritten street politics. In celebration of the event, the turtle discord community (and I suspect, mostly the...

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How to Store Your TurtleCoins Safely on Windows

TurtleCoin (TRTL) is still relatively new. If you bought in, like me, because you’ve recently discovered this gold mine, then I’m sure you’ve inevitably started asking yourself: But, how do I keep my turtles safe? The official instructions are here: but it’s a how-to guide on mining turtlecoin, so it isn’t obvious that it moonlights as a wallet setup guide. With the awesome help of the official turtle discord community, I was able to successfully setup my personal, secure turtlecoin wallet. But, if you need a personal turtle address ASAP (crypto emergencies XD), then just go to:

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I’m Buying Into a New Coin Called TurtleCoin

I’ll write a more detailed blog later. But, I’m buying a position in a new crypto called TurtleCoin (TRTL). You can find it on one exchange: But the devs don’t officially sanction trading on TradeOgre, it’s the community that put the coin there. You can also buy Turtle in their official discord marketplace: I’m really excited about this coin! It came out in early or mid December, which makes it brand spanking new! Everyone knows that getting into a new crypto means you’re most likely to moon. I think I’ve missed the moon, though. It went from...

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Thinking of Buying a Little PBL for Tomorrow

Quick update: I’m planning a position in PBL (Publica) for tomorrow. This alt crash is ideal for getting PBL at a very low price. Tomorrow, PBL should go up by more than 50 percent. Because of this tweet: Given PBL’s price history and price reaction to their news, it’s likely PBL could go up more than 2x. I’ve called PBL before and was spot on. I’m pretty confident about this PBL speculation as well. Get ready for that moon mission! Do not follow me or rely on my word for your own crypto trading. This is not investment advice...

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