Author: John Smith

Bitcoin Surge During Chinese New Year and Beyond: Bitcoin Hype, New Crypto Partnerships, and New Mining Technology Manufacturers

Things might be looking bleak now – but I found lots of news that points to a healthy future for crypto. The crypto industry is definitely not dying. There’s planned bitcoin hype-fueled buys, strong partnerships, and even new mining equipment manufactured by huge mainstream tech companies. I think we’ll see a nice pump starting during Chinese New Year, and that should snowball into a nice recovery. But, of course, any kind of major FUD could thwart that. Bitcoin Buy Hype in China There’s the theory that many Chinese nationals moved money away from crypto to buy presents for Chinese...

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Why You Need to Watch the News This Tuesday, February 6, 2018 – Bitcoin Futures Hearing That Could Impact BTC’s Price

Yet another day in this crypto crash. Can you believe BTC actually hit $7,700? That’s insane. I’m honestly starting to believe the manipulation rumors. Some of my friends tell me that everything should recover during Chinese New Year, so just gotta hodl out a week or two longer I guess =). I’m still looking through the news trying to find some silver lining. And it looks like I found something important that’s happening tomorrow. The SEC and the CFTC (a governmental body that has a huge say in futures trading) are going to testify about crypto (mostly bitcoin futures)...

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Remember How CBOE and CME Futures Pumped Bitcoin’s Price? Well Cantor’s Futures May Affect Price Too

So let’s face it. We’re currently in a pretty bad market dump. But, that’s just crypto for you. So, I’m here trying to find some kind of saving news that will pump the price of btc, which should also revitalize alts. I found this: Cantor Exchange is planning on offering bitcoin futures-like trading. But the start date is still TBA. Let’s rewind a bit. If you remember, on December 16, 2017, BTC’s price started to sharply rise as it approached the 18th, which is when CME BTC futures started trading. CBOE BTC futures had a similar pump effect on...

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Is Ebay About to Accept Bitcoin (and Maybe Other Crypto) by Summer 2018?

When reading the news, you always have to read in between the lines. Having some experience on both the industrial and the reporting side of the equation, I can tell you that reporters have to stay neutral and report the obvious facts, and not the hidden truths. When it comes to crypto, everything that matters are the hidden truths. The big players are always doing something sneaky, or there’s some hidden price pump planned that you just can’t see by reading a crypto blog on its face value. So knowing this, I think I caught something pretty neat when...

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6 Hours Later and the TurtleCoin Giveaway Party Just Gets Better and Better! One #Raindance Was Worth 2 Million TurtleCoins!

I really can’t believe how awesome the TurtleCoin community is! The night is pretty much over, but that’s not stopping the devs and the giving members of the turtle community – they’ve almost given out 6 million turtlecoins! What really touched my heart and made most people ecstatic was one of the most memorable #raindances of the night, which took place only a few moments of me writing this. The devs donated a whole TWO MILLION TURTLECOINS to the bot all at once! As you can see from the picture, they didn’t stop giving either 😉 there were two...

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