I really can’t believe how awesome the TurtleCoin community is! The night is pretty much over, but that’s not stopping the devs and the giving members of the turtle community โ€“ they’ve almost given out 6 million turtlecoins!

What really touched my heart and made most people ecstatic was one of the most memorable #raindances of the night, which took place only a few moments of me writing this. The devs donated a whole TWO MILLION TURTLECOINS to the bot all at once!

The Turtlecoin Devs Gave Away 2 Million Turtlecoins in One #Raindance!

As you can see from the picture, they didn’t stop giving either ๐Ÿ˜‰ there were two more #raindances right after that in an amount almost close to 50,000 turtlecoins.

But this wasn’t just the most memorable moment! The night was filled with lots of fun and freebies as the community shared a Saturday night together. One of the mining pool owners asked everyone to post fun memes about turtles and said โ€œno matter whatโ€ he’s dropping 250k turtlecoins into the bot โ€“ and he did!

Other members also randomly donated between 100k to 200k turtlecoins to a single #raindrop at random times! It’s fun when you go through the TurtleRainBot’s instructions then suddenly see with delight that you were part of a 200k rain (imagine how I felt to be part of the 2 million turtlecoin rain ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

And another admin-like member held a really fun (and chaotic) five-question trivia where the first person to answer correctly got 10,000 turtlecoins. But seriously, that was more chaotic and nerve-wracking than fun when you were going through it. In like one nanosecond, someone would answer with the correct answer โ€“ but you wouldn’t even realize it because there’s suddenly a 10-page wall of endless spam that’s suddenly scrolling madly through your discord screen :P.

But looking back, the questions were so much fun! One question was which ninja turtle wore a purple headband? While another question was more educational โ€“ what algorithm is turtlecoin based on?

Earlier that night, Rocksteady posed a challenge after becoming overwhelmed with awe that someone had figured out how to mine TurtleCoin on an Xbox One :P. So he said everytime someone posts a picture meme on TurtleCoin’s subreddit, he would feed 10,000 turtlecoins into the bot โ€“ and I found myself trying to Google up pictures of Xbox, Bill Gates, turtles, and soccer players then splice them all together with some kind of โ€œhaha captionโ€ just to make it rain :P.

It was truly so much fun. And I do believe the night is winding down โ€“ but who knows, there could be some ginormous #raindance in store or just a calm fade out to a night of jubilee. I’m staying tuned though :P. If you were here too, I hope you had fun catching some shells!

Quite honestly, I’ve lost track โ€“ but with a very lax ballpark figure, I’d say that a total of about 3.5 to 5 million turtlecoins have been given away so far!

Great going Turtles! Is the coin your hodling this much fun?