Author: John Smith

I Just Bought SALT at B0.00075299

This is my first of live trade posts. It’s kind of hard to trade and post. But, I’m trying to sync the site with my twitter this way. I bought SALT for B0.00075299. I’m planning on selling for B0.000768 or HODL for B0.0008+ The daily charts show SALT at an all-time low, so this is a good buy-in and hodl. It was just B0.0009x a few hours...

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Why I Don’t Agree With McAfee on HumanIQ (HMQ)

Hi, All. I’ve been following John McAfee on Twitter, and his Coins of the Day seem to pump in value. But, is the pump natural or artificial? Are they good and safe short-term trades? His recent call is a coin called HumanIQ (HMQ). I’m considering it as a short-term trade because bitcoin is currently crashing alts, so it’s price might as well be at an all-time low. Here’s his tweet:   Does HumanIQ Have Good Fundamental Price Potential? Here’s what HumanIQ purports to do: Giving a helping hand to emerging economies (poor countries) where people don’t have access to...

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