Author: John Smith

Why I’m Going to Go All in on Publica (PBL) in Early January

I just finished listening to the AMA held by publica (PBL). I’m too lazy to write up a fundamental analysis about the coin, but let’s just say I strongly believe they’re legit. I mean 90 percent of crypto CEOs don’t wear suits, and yet PBL’s CEO not only wears a suit, but worked for DirectTV, Sony, and other real world fortune 500 companies. But even if PBL is a solid long-term hodl, you guys know I’m only interested in the short-term stuff. Yet, I’m still going all in on PBL in the next two weeks. What’s Happening With PBL...

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I Just Bought LTC at B0.017211

I’m trying to move back to Bittrex. Bought litecoin (LTC) at B0.017211 because I saw that on rex, the price is B0.0174. I’m not sure that the difference will cover the fees. Probably should’ve done calcs first...

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I Just Sold PBL at B0.00003950

Very nice profit! I sold my publica (PBL) at B0.00003950. Right when the AMA started, the price jumped yes! I believe that’s near 30% profit. Nice trade, if I do say so myself,...

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