I just finished listening to the AMA held by publica (PBL). I’m too lazy to write up a fundamental analysis about the coin, but let’s just say I strongly believe they’re legit. I mean 90 percent of crypto CEOs don’t wear suits, and yet PBL’s CEO not only wears a suit, but worked for DirectTV, Sony, and other real world fortune 500 companies.

But even if PBL is a solid long-term hodl, you guys know I’m only interested in the short-term stuff. Yet, I’m still going all in on PBL in the next two weeks.

What’s Happening With PBL in January?

In the AMA, the dev and CEO revealed that PBL is releasing a small version of its author platform for authors to actually test out and use. I believe it’s a live version, which means it’s kind of like a working version. Author registration opens too.

Until then, PBL has simply been smoke – it didn’t have a working product or some kind of tangible value. This actually materializes some of their goals. It’s not as big as an actual final platform release, but it’s a definite big initial milestone.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to rush in and buy right now. The price is still a little high (not to say I wouldn’t make profit if I bought right now), so I’m going to let my emotions calm down before a FOMO occurs.

The price should dip between now and the first week of January unless something big happens… Which is also possible, but I don’t like trading on immaterial maybes. If I miss out on something big, it’s better than buying PBL now and then getting justed if it goes down.

I project that the platform release and author registration opening will happen mid to late January, but of course the announcement will happen the first week of January. The announcement itself will pump the price, so there’s a possibility of two short-term trades here – buying early in January before the rumor even happens, then sell that rumor. Wait for the dip, then buy again before platform release.

So I’m planning a buy in after New Year’s because I have a few shorter-term trades lined up for this week, like SALT’s platform release. I’ll be watching PBL for a really good dip. If a nice dip into the teens happens, then screw anything else I’m going into PBL – because that’s like a 3x!

Do not follow me or rely on my word for your own crypto trading. This is not investment advice – it’s a blog post about my own adventures in trading cryptocurrencies. If you choose to copy my decisions, you do so at your own potentially probable financial peril. I’m not an expert in cryptocurrency trading and do not purport to be.