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To the Moon!

Welcome to My Crypto News Trading Blog!

Hi there!

Thanks for reading my blog :). I’m happy you’re interested in reading my ramblings, haha.

I made this blog to post my adventure in short-term cryptocurrency news trading. What does that mean? It’s when you daytrade (using the term daytrade loosely here) crypto based off of hype. If you follow along and read my posts, you’ll see what I mean :D.

I’m not an expert or certified in trading lol, just your average John diving into the world of crypto trading. I’ll be making trades based off of rumors, news, and chart price analysis. If I find other ways to trade, I’ll start incorporating those as well!

I’ll try my best to post as soon as I make a trade on here and on Twitter. But sometimes, crypto trading can have rapid moments, so I’m going to reserve that promise to trade first, post later if push comes to shove.

One important note: I’m sure you’ve seen it at the bottom of my blog and at the end of my posts enough already – but I can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t be reading my blog as some kind of investment advice service. I’m posting about my personal crypto trading journey, and my intention is not to give crypto trading advice. I’ve been saying over and over again that I’m a beginner and that you’d get JUSTED and lose money if you copy my trades. If you try to trade using my posts and tweets as guidance and then lose money, please don’t blame me.

Instead, what you guys should be doing is reading my site as some kind of opinion column in the newspaper. I believe the world is a better place if we all shared our knowledge without fear of retribution or consequences. When I learn to crypto trade, I browse through news sites, informal forums (like reddit and 4chan), and other non-formal internet locales. I always take everything lightly – I never rely on any one person’s words, but I take them into consideration. I try to get an overall view about a crypto issue or crypto trading technique by exploring all the different things people have to say.

And people have such different opinions, and usually when everyone agrees on one thing, it’s usually true. But sometimes, there’s that one genius who goes against the grain and makes super profit – but those are rare.

So, yeah, you should take in my blog as just one internet opinion on trading and crypto. Don’t rely heavily on it – just examine my posts with neutrality, and explore other opinions.

And also, if you have something valuable you’d like to share with me, so we can both learn more about crypto – don’t hesitate to send me a Direct Message on Twitter or make a comment on one of my posts!

Thanks and hope you enjoy reading! Let’s go to the moon!