Author: John Smith

I Just Bought PBL at B0.00003149

I bought PBL at B0.00003149. It has reached heights of B0.000039 in the last couple of hours. I’m planning on selling at around B0.00004 or more. There’s an AMA today in about two or three hours. I’m hoping to unload at a price jump just before the start of the AMA. If the price doesn’t jump, then I’m probably screwed since they’re probably going to just dump before the AMA. Remember the crypto theorem: buy the rumor, sell the news But, knowing PBL, the AMA is probably going to have some kind of news there, and so the cycle repeats and hopefully...

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I Just Sold HMQ at B0.00003879

So, I quickly sold my HMQ at B0.00003879 because I had the feeling I was going to get justed. The price was dipping into the B0.000037s so I thought the ship was sinking. Of course price is currently going upwards of B0.000039, but it’s better to make a small profit than a...

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I Just Bought HMQ at B0.00003837

If you’ve read my analysis on the viability of HMQ, then you know I’m being dumb when I say that I just bought HumanIQ (HMQ) at B0.00003837. Call me stupid and greedy, but I’ve been watching it for a few hours and noticed that it’s been hovering around B0.000038 and B0.000041. So you know, it’s like 10% or more if I sell at...

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