Around the start of December, Craigslist introduced a new payment option in its ads: Crypto ok!

This might not seem huge at first, but consider that Craigslist makes over a million dollars everyday on premium $20+ ad postings. That’s a lot of $20+ ads. It’s cumbersome to message someone asking if they can accept crypto, and it also delays the deal. It probably discourages many buyers and sellers from bringing up crypto altogether. But now that this option is available, no one needs to ask and everyone will be more open to using crypto.

This could lead to a general increase in crypto trading volume as more coins exchange hands daily between Craigslist buyers and sellers.

But Craigslist is not the only big provider that’s now accepting crypto. There are bars, restaurants, and airports that are now accepting crypto (mostly BTC).

Even in S. Korea, where crypto trading is getting more severely restricted, crypto is still becoming more influential as one popular S. Korean mall has started accepting bitcoin.

Microsoft has temporarily removed crypto from its marketplace, but is now accepting bitcoin again. You can deposit BTC into your Microsoft Wallet that you can then use for payments within the Microsoft networks and its affiliate partners.

Shopify, NewEgg, and Overstock now accept bitcoin. You can now buy plane tickets on Expedia and CheapAir with bitcoin.

If you’re a health nut, you get the best of both worlds because WholeFoods now accepts bitcoin too.

And, last (but surely not the end), 1800flowers now accepts bitcoin for those special occasions when you’re too lazy to hand someone flowers yourself. Hopefully that’s not your plan for the 14th that’s coming up =).

And you know we’re all waiting for Amazon to join the party. That’s when we’ll see some real green candles!