TurtleCoin’s main devs finally released their altcoin announcement thread on bitcointalk.org: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2872287

For those of you who don’t know, bitcointalk.org is one of the main hubs for cryptocurrency information. Although avid cryptotraders might argue that biz and Twitter are the real, solid avenues for crypto. Nevertheless, bitcointalk.org was where bitcoin’s community originated and was the preferred communication that Satoshi Nakamoto himself used. So it’s somewhat of a tradition for all new coins to announce themselves – you know, like some kind of unwritten street politics.

In celebration of the event, the turtle discord community (and I suspect, mostly the devs) gave out about 300,000 turtlecoins to anyone who was paying attention in the discord group. It was kind of like an airdrop, but more fun, and on discord!

It might still be happening ^_^. It might not be over.

The way it works is there’s this TurtleBotRain that announces in a subchannel within the group that it’s about to rain down some turtlecoins. You must message the bot with your turtlecoin address (if you don’t have one already, get one here.) The bot then gives you 90 seconds to prove you’re not an automated bot (usually by reacting to its announcement with an emoji). If you did everything right, congratulations – you now have some free turtlecoins!

Of course, someone has to fill the bot with turtlecoins to begin with, and anyone is free to donate turtlecoins to the bot’s turtle wallet. The bot has so far given away about 300,000 turtlecoins tonight – but who knows if the night is over ;).

But why are they really doing this? It could be that they’re really just happy about the bitcointalk announcement. But, I do suspect that this is the powerful reply from the devs that there is no foul play involved with TurtleCoin. There seems to be a significant amount of FUD on both the new ANN thread, and on biz that turtlecoin was premined or not announced on bitcointalk right away because the devs wanted to give a chance for their friends and themselves to mine up a significant amount. That is untrue. Rocksteady, one of the main devs, announced TurtleCoin in early January in an AMA within the TRTL subreddit.

Either way, I really commend them for going out of their way to give away so many turtlecoins for free – and this isn’t even the first time! The devs and community have given away millions of turtlecoins over the course of these two months!

Thank you to the TurtleCoin dev team and community! You guys are great. Don’t let the FUD get you down – you guys are doing the best you can, and are really making a great project here!

(To join their official discord group, you can use this link: https://discord.gg/rEmzqH )