Wow! What an exciting two days for TurtleCoin! I was going to go to bed after staying up all day waiting on TurtleRain, but the community has NOT stopped giving!

Apparently, they’ve decided to throw a virtual pizza party in commemoration of the official discord group now having 5,000 members! They’re just making the TurtleRainBot spew out turtlecoins like everyone’s won the lottery!

Rumor has it they’re not stopping until 10 MILLION TurtleCoins are given out! It’s crazy in the discord group right now – everyone singing praises and celebrating altogether. The devs are only asking that everyone post fun turtle memes to keep the rain going =)! That’s the true spirit of TurtleCoin – a fun coin for the community!

The night is still young – you can still join in on the fun:

Want some tips to help make sure you’re going to catch some shells? Right-click on the TurtleCoin discord group and change the notifications such that #raindance’s ALL messages are giving you notifications.

The TurtleRainBot is really generous and does this cute thing where it tuts around for 30 seconds before a turtlecoin rain. That said, if your notifications are set up correctly, you should get a popup with its cute Tut, tut, tut.

The popup should look like this:

TurtleRainBot Pop-up

As you can see, no matter what you’re doing, that should be plenty of an alert for you to head on over to the #raindance channel.

Let’s have some fun! Good luck getting some free turtlecoins! Yay for TurtleCoin! (Btw, how can they be secretly planning on manipulating the coin’s economy with a (untrue, btw) premine, when they’re just giving away millions of turtlecoins for free?)