Sup Ppl!

I know times are rough right now, and you’re probably going through gray days as the charts get redder and redder. I, myself, bought a little bit of ETH at $863.59 because I thought it was a good deal seeing as how ETH bounces back into the $900s. But, I got super justed instead as ETH is now nearing $650.00. :'(

Well, here’s some good news – the TurtleCoin community is throwing another huge giveaway! It’s happening tonight at 8 p.m. EST (1 a.m. GMT). So, if you’re feeling justed, I’m sure hanging out having fun with some fun turtles and getting thousands of free coins should lift your spirits on your Friday night or early Saturday morning. =)

A History of Free Mega Giveaways

As you may know, the TurtleCoin community is known to be oh so generous during their giveaways. Whenever RockSteady and Bebop host AMAs, they always make sure to give up for grabs some private keys to everyone who attends.

The last TurtleCoin community party was when their Discord reached 5,000 members (Now they have close to 10,000 members). The turtles threw a party where about 5 million turtlecoins were #raindanced with the TurtleBotRain.

But on a more low-key note, if you’re in their discord on a regular basis, you’d know there’s some regular turtle rain every weekend, starting about Friday night. 😉 You can expect to catch half a thousand or more turtlecoins each night. They’re so nice and generous! It’s really a fun community to be around.

They have a history of being free spirits, just working together to make TurtleCoin huge and tossing around free turtlecoins when they’re happy or for no reason at all! XD

Why Tonight Is So Huge

So, what makes tonight’s TurtleCoin Community giveaway so huge? Well, the 5k party wasn’t even directly about the #raindance, and all the rain came from donations from both the warm-hearted devs and various turtlecoin community members.

But tonight, things are different. The night is all about the #raindance. All the miners and all of the dedicated TurtleCoin mining pools are pointing all their hashpower to the TurtleBotRain’s address! That means, tonight, ALL the turtlecoins being mined are going to be #raindanced into everyone’s wallet!

Like any other minable crypto, there’s always a steady stream of coins being introduced into circulation by miners. Cryptomining is a profitable industry where some firms have invested upwards of millions of dollars on mining rig farms that dedicate their processing power to mining coins.

So imagine this – for this intense night, all of the turtlecoins mined into existence by $100,000+ mining rig farms are going to be given away for free in the Discord! It’s totally possible that we’ll be seeing two-minute intervals of 120,000+ turtlecoin rains!

Excited? Come join the TurtleCoin Discord now:

The TurtleCoin Typhoon starts tonight, March 9, at 8 p.m. EST (1 a.m. GMT). It’s going to be livestreamed on YouTube too:

How to Participate in the Massive TurtleCoin Typhoon Giveaway

I’ve seen lots of new people coming into the TurtleCoin Discord asking about how to participate in #raindance. I didn’t think the process was so confusing, but I’d like to take a bit of time to clear things up once and for all with this step-by-step guide:

1. Get a TurtleCoin paper wallet by visiting the official: The instructions on that page should be self-explanatory. Make sure to write down your Public, View, and Spend keys. These three keys are important. This key is the one you’re going to send to the TurtleBotRain:

Your TurtleCoin public address.

2. Turn on #raindance notifications in Discord:

Click on the sprocket icon.

Make sure that your notifications are turned on:


Turn on #raindance notifications in the TurtleCoin server:

Right-click on the TurtleCoin server.

Make sure mobile push notifications are on if you’re monitoring Discord on your mobile. Scroll down and specify #raindance in the drop-down list and make sure you have ALL notifications turned on for the #raindance channel:

Turn on ALL notifications for #raindance.

3. Now, here’s the exciting part! Be on alert for a turtle rain notification! You’ll recognize it instantly! It looks like this:

There it is! The pop-up you’ll come to love because it means rain is coming! Click!

4. After clicking on the Tut notification, you’ll be instantly brought to the #raindance channel where you’ll see this screen: (DO NOT GIVE THE RAINBOT YOUR ADDRESS YET! BE PATIENT AND WAIT)

Don’t do anything yet! Just wait!

5. After a dozen seconds, the screen should change to this. When this happens, it’s time to send a direct message to TurtleBotRain with your address!

When you see this, send the bot your address!

6. The rainbot will reply with a specific emoji for you to click on in the #raindance channel. TAKE NOTE OF THIS!


7.  Navigate to the #raindance channel again and click on the corresponding emoji:

Click on the corresponding emoji!

8. Wait out the rest of the 90 seconds! The rainbot will tell you when the rain has fallen into your wallet!

And that’s it! You just got TurtleCoins!

And that should be it :D. This should get you all set for tonight’s massive TurtleCoin Typhoon Party giveaway.

So, come, relax, and feel unjusted as thousands of turtlecoins pour into your wallet! I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun chatting with everyone in #general too!