I’ll write a more detailed blog later.

But, I’m buying a position in a new crypto called TurtleCoin (TRTL). You can find it on one exchange: https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-TRTL But the devs don’t officially sanction trading on TradeOgre, it’s the community that put the coin there. You can also buy Turtle in their official discord marketplace: http://chat.turtlecoin.lol/

I’m really excited about this coin! It came out in early or mid December, which makes it brand spanking new! Everyone knows that getting into a new crypto means you’re most likely to moon.

I think I’ve missed the moon, though. It went from B0.00000009 to B0.00000038 last week or so. But, now it’s plummeted down to B0.00000010 because of the general crypto FUD (Bitfinex-Tether subpoena, Cryptopia’s bank disowning them, etc.).

It went to B0.00000036 before, and it’s very likely to get there again in the next two weeks – I mean, it’s not even on an official exchange yet!

But you might be wondering why I’m so psyched about this coin, and probably skeptical because it could be a scam. Well, here’s why I’m trusting it 100 percent:

1. No premine. The devs don’t have a stake in it! No ICO, either. It’s like how bitcoin first started out – everyone has a fair shot of getting as many Turtles as possible depending on how much you mine.

2. Open source. The coin is run by the community, also much like bitcoin. There are two main developers, yes. But the TurtleCoin community has numerous developers who pitch in with the coin’s software and development. I think even the logo is open source! It’s a coin for everyone, not for the creators. The discord group already has 1,000+ members – and all that support can only lead to good things. Anyone can pitch in with the coin’s development, just like any open source project.

3. It’s a fast, privacy coin. The coin is currently faster than XVG and Monero. It also has privacy features. I’m sure it’s ironic, because turtles are supposed to be slow?

Anyway, there’s zero chance this could be an exit scam because the devs don’t have full control over the coin. The only danger right now are pump and dump groups because the market for it is so sensitive. I mean, someone with 3 BTC can literally go in, buy up the price and pump it.

But, it’s still an unknown coin – which is why it’s a great idea to get in now. Once it gets on WhattoMine.com, it’s going to explode. It’s an optimal coin to mine because there’s no competition right now. People literally don’t know about it. Once they find out, only mooning will happen.

The devs are working on adding it to TradeSatoshi.com, which would be its first official exchange. That should happen within the week… And when that happens, I suspect it will return to at least B0.00000030. That’s 300 percent from its current price!

Do not follow me or rely on my word for your own crypto trading. This is not investment advice – it’s a blog post about my own adventures in trading cryptocurrencies. If you choose to copy my decisions, you do so at your own potentially probable financial peril. I’m not an expert in cryptocurrency trading and do not purport to be.