I was trading in bed with my tablet, so I did not have access to the site or my twitter.

Here are my recent trades since my SALT buy:

I sold SALT at B0.00100595 because I saw it dip from B0.00105 into the lower B0.0009xxx. I did some crash thinking and realized that SALT won’t go to $27 until people start exploiting the lending loophole (explained here). So I decided the best play for now would be to swing trade SALT until just before the day when the first group of people gain access to the live loans.

I bought XVG at B0.00000790 because it was way, way low! Imagine if I stayed in XVG instead of leaving at a ~13 percent loss when I sold at B0.00000913? Anyway, at this price, you could only profit. XVG has been returning to B0.00001+ or even B0.000008 this whole week!

I sold XVG at B0.00000924 because I just wanted that sweet Christmas profit XD. Felt like a little schoolgirl watching My Little Pony in bed XD XD XD! I tried catching XVG low at that price again, but my ADD couldn’t wait.

I bought SALT at B0.00109840 because I saw that it was swinging between B0.0010x and B0.0011x in rapid succession.

I sold SALT at B0.00110499 because it wouldn’t go up further — was just going back down then returning to this price for a bit.

I bought SALT at B0.00108012 and this is where I currently am. I FOMO’d in because I saw that SALT hit B0.001122 and thought it was leaving the B0.0010x region and heading for new ATHs! Boy was I wrong. BTC went on a bull run and crushed SALT hard. I’m stuck in SALT now, but man — could you really be sad about being stuck in SALT when you know it’s going to hit $25 or $27? XD