Although we turtles have been having a very fun time in discord, TurtleCoin has suffered its share of this bear market. But like the great community TurtleCoin is, we never gave up or became salty. We played games, #raindanced millions of TurtleCoins, had parties, and came together to code, dev, and write about TurtleCoin.

We were never discouraged. Mining pools were constantly improved, the devs continuously coded, a web miner was created for virtually any electronics that can surf the web, and other countless TurtleCoin projects bloomed.

But now TurtleCoin’s time to shine has come! This is still developing news because it isn’t official, but it looks as though, TurtleCoin’s first official exchange, has approved the coin for addition to its exchange!

It’s not official, but if you log into and check your balances, you’ll see a nice, official slot for TRTL deposits! If you’re a crypto trading veteran, you know that’s a telltale sign that an exchange is in the process of adding that coin.

Turtlecoin TRTL

TradeSatoshi About to List TurtleCoin

Once TurtleCoin is fully listed and trading on, it will make its appearance on and Coingecko – which are both main stat sites for cryptocurrencies. In short, getting listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko carries more weight than having a’s altcoin announcement (official ANN) thread. But if a coin is listed on all three of these sites, it’s the trifecta that officially puts that coin in the public’s radar.

TurtleCoin should see an insane price pump from this exposure.

This is only the beginning. Rocksteady has said there are countless other TurtleCoin projects in the works that their devs don’t want announcing just yet!

And if TurtleCoin finally gets listed on, the price should quadruple from whatever it was the day before.

Do not follow me or rely on my word for your own crypto trading. This is not investment advice – it’s a blog post about my own adventures in trading cryptocurrencies. If you choose to copy my decisions, you do so at your own potentially probable financial peril. I’m not an expert in cryptocurrency trading and do not purport to be.